What is Bare Knuckle Comedy?

Bare Knuckle Comedy is comedy narrative & variety show (think It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia meets Comedy Central Presents). It includes a mixture of standup, improv, & sketch framed by a 3-act comedy narrative . It is the longest-running independent comedy show in Saint Louis.

The narrative section follows the the hosts of the show and their misadventures: the hard-drinking Lyndsay, the always-chipper Annina and the (self-professed) organized one, Christian.  

Bare Knuckle Comedy is performed at The Heavy Anchor (5226 Gravois Avenue) in St Louis. 

Bare Knuckle Comedy “kick started the alt comedy scene” in St. Louis in 2009 (Riverfront Times), and has continued to be "the best comedy show in St. Louis" (Marlena Rodriguez, staff writer for "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). The show has become “a stop for touring indie comics from across the country” (Alive Magazine) and past comics include Nikki Glaser, Michael Palascak, Nick Vatterott and many, many more.


Compass Improv Festival (St. Louis, MO 2013)

St. Lou Fringe Festival (St. Louis, MO 2014)

New South Comedy Festival (Greenville, SC 2015)

Dallas Comedy Festival (Dallas, TX 2016)

Snubfest (Chicago, IL 2016)


Bare Knuckle Comedy is preparing to make our three-act sketch narrative into it's own video series.  For updates, check out out YouTube page