Bare Knuckle Comedy, LLC


Bare Knuckle Comedy, LLC is the live comedy production company owned by Christian Lawrence. Established in 2012, our shows do not fall into the typical stand up, sketch or improv categories but incorporate elements of each genre into a unique vision for each individual show. Our shows include History Shmistory, Boob Gun and (formerly) the company’s namesake show, Bare Knuckle Comedy.

Bare Knuckle Comedy LLC has produced live comedy throughout the United States & in London.

Recording Studio


Bare Knuckle Comedy, LLC operates a podcast recording studio in St. Louis.

The studio was put together with assistance from studio designer Dan Mehrmann & audio engineer Tyson Thurn (R. Kelly’s “Double Up”, “Streetballers” soundtrack).

The studio uses two Blue Yeti microphones & professional-grade sound absorption panels to get a clean, echo-free sound. We use Sony MDR-7506 headphones, a standard for live audio recording throughout the industry for decades.

Contact us if you'd like to take a tour or to record.

Video/Audio Recording

Bare Knuckle Comedy, LLC has the equipment to record professional video & audio for the internet.

We have multiple cameras, lav mics, a full light set & a green screen setup.

Please contact us for inventory & pricing.

Costume & Prop Rental

We have a number of costumes and props in our inventory. We are currently cataloguing them for rental purposes. Check back here for updates, or feel free to contact us regarding this while this is underway.

Contact Info

(314) 884-0158 /